Responsible Waste Disposal in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Black Diamond Junk Removal is your local choice for disposal

There are many choices for how to dispose of unwanted items in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. One option would be to place the items in your curbside trash can. This is a great low-cost option for disposal, but not every item can fit in the curbside trash. Some trash haulers offer bulk item pickup. A common industry practice is for the trash hauler to offer the pickup of one bulk item a quarter. Next, you could rent a dumpster. This is a low-cost option but requires you to load the unwanted items in the dumpster yourself. Not everyone has the strength or time to remove the items from a house or apartment and place them in a dumpster.

This brings us to another option: junk removal. Junk removal is similar to a dumpster rental, but you also get a team of strong people to remove items and load up the truck. When you call Black Diamond Junk Removal, you will receive a crew of people who remove appliances, furniture, trash, old boxes, old clothes, and more. Our crew then hauls the trash to a licensed disposal facility called a transfer station. Most transfer stations have what is called a tipping floor. The tipping floor is where the dump truck or garbage trucks “tip” their load to spill it onto the floor. Cardboard and recycling is pushed to one side at most transfer stations, and trash and other items are pushed to the other side of the facility. From there the debris is loaded onto trucks and is transported to the next destination. For the MSW (municipal solid waste) trash the next destination is likely a landfill.