Tree Branch Removal in Northeast Ohio

When trees are removed, Black Diamond Junk Removal can clean up

When trees are cut down the tree service may leave behind the logs and clippings. When that happens, homeowners need to find a solution to get rid of the tree logs and branches. Furthermore, if a customer has a stump ground up (stump grinding) they will be left with dirt mixed with roots and wood. Black Diamond Junk Removal has the skills and expertise needed to professionally remove tree branches, logs, and debris left behind from stump grindings.

Black Diamond Junk Removal will take the tree trimmings to a local disposal and recycling facility such as Kurtz Bros. or Boyas Recycling. Once the unwanted yard waste is dropped off at the landscape supply facility or production center, the tree logs will likely be turned into mulch. This is part of Black Diamond Junk Removal’s eco-friendly practices as we work to ensure we do everything we reasonably can to be environmentally-friendly.

So, the next time you have yard waste removal needs in Cleveland or Akron be sure to consider Black Diamond Junk Removal. Our crew can get the area cleared up in no time at all.