Tire Removal and Mattress Removal Cleveland

Removal of tires and a mattress from Cleveland’s Goodrich-Kirtland Park Neighborhood

Black Diamond Junk Removal dispatched a crew to a store located along Superior Ave. close to Downtown Cleveland. The truck drove through Newburgh Heights and Cuyahoga Heights on I-77 North then veered onto I-90 East to head to the job location. Black Diamond Junk Removal is fully licensed and insured to handle tire recycling. We have a partner who handles shredding of the tires so that they can be turned into playground mulch. The junk that needed to be removed were located in the dumpster area. There were two or three mattresses and box springs along with six tires. The large trucks that Black Diamond Junk Removal uses to haul unwanted items were able to hold the debris and haul it away. The customer that hired Black Diamond Junk Removal for tire removal Cleveland and mattress removal Cleveland chose the company due to their responsiveness, professionalism, and reasonable pricing.