Tire Disposal Cleveland

When you need to get rid of tires in Cleveland, Ohio call Black Diamond Junk Removal

Tires can be difficult to get rid of. Most dumpster rental companies do not allow tires to be placed in dumpsters and you cannot place tires in the roadside trash collection bins. One option to dispose of old tires is to drive to a local tire shop to get rid of tires. Not all tire shops will accept people driving up to dispose of tires but some do. The cost is typically around $5 per tire. The difficulty is that the tire shops that do accept tires normally do not accept tires that are still attached to the metal wheel.

Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio and the surrounding areas have old tires that need to be disposed of. The unwanted tires might be in a pile in the garage or the old tires may be scattered around the yard. Nevertheless, when you have old tires you need recycled or disposed of there is a local junk removal company that can get rid of your old tires.

Black Diamond Junk Removal is a full-service tire disposal company. We can haul 10 or less scrap tires at a time. If you are asking “How to get rid of unwanted tires?” or “How to get rid of old tires?” then we have a solution for you. Our crew will arrive on the scene and we can load up the tires you do not need. We accept tires that are still on the metal wheel and tires that are detached from the metal wheel.