Tips for Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company in Cleveland, Ohio

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Thinking about hiring a junk removal company to haul away an old couch or clean out an attic? Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a company to lug away your old items.

Is the company equipped to handle a wide-range of junk removal jobs?

It is one thing to carry out a mattress – it’s another to demolish an old hot tub or shed. Many junk removal jobs require equipment. For example, power tools and a sledgehammer are required when removing a shed or deck. When the right tools are used, the job will be done more efficiently resulting in less labor time, saving you money. It is important to hire a junk removal company that is equipped to handle even the most difficult junk removal jobs.

Is the company responsive?

Is there more than one way to contact the company? The best junk removal companies will be able to be reached several ways such as by email or by phone. Give the company a call. Does a representative answer the phone promptly? If not, you may want to go with another company.

Does the company offer same-day or next-day service?

If speed is of the essence, then making sure a junk or waste removal company has availability is an essential question.

Read online reviews:

You want to hire a junk hauler that cares for their customers and offers excellent customer service. One way to discover whether a junk removal company offers excellent customer service is to read the online reviews of the company. Are the reviews positive? Do the reviewers recommend the company to others? If the reviews are not positive, then you likely want to move on to another company.


Does the company offer transparent pricing with a no-obligation quote before beginning the job?


Inquire about the disposal/dumping practices of the company. Does the company commit to recycle or donate as many items as possible? Many junk removal companies partner with donation centers, scrapyards, and recycling centers to keep as many items as possible out of the landfill.

Is the company properly insured and fully licensed?

Make sure that the junk removal service you are hiring is fully insured. It is typical for companies to carry workers comp, general liability, automotive insurance, and an umbrella policy.

Does the company have an active presence on some form of social media?

It is a good sign if a company you are looking to hire has a regularly updated social media presence such as a Facebook page. This shows that the owner is engaged with customers and wants to serve the community.

I hope this information helps make your decision about what junk removal company to hire a little easier. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when researching a potential junk removal business to hire. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area, give Black Diamond Junk Removal a call!