School Cleanout in Cleveland, Ohio

The Black Diamond Junk Removal team were tasked with clearing out old desks, cabinets, and more from a school in Cleveland, Ohio.

Every August, thousands of students across Northeast Ohio return to local schools to continue their education. For many students, their favorite part of the day will be recess or gym class. It is important for students to have a place to run around and blow off some steam. The Black Diamond Junk Removal crew helped transform two large rooms in a school to give students a place to run around. A large room was previously used to store old desks, chairs, cabinets, whiteboards, textbooks, and more. The room was not usable for any purpose other than storage.

A principal at a local school on Shaker Boulevard in Cleveland near Shaker Heights decided students needed an indoor space to run around in during the winter and on rainy days. So the school principal hired the experts at Black Diamond Junk Removal to bring in their crew to remove desks, remove chairs, remove furniture and other unwanted items from the property. The project was started on a Monday and was under a deadline to have the project done in several days and had to be done by Friday. The Black Diamond team was up to the task and got to work clearing out the items.

Many of the items removed from the school were able to be recycled. Metal cabinets, metal desks, and other pieces of metal were hauled away to JBI Scrap Processors on East 55th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. The items that were not metal were taken to a Rumpke Transfer Station in Newburgh Heights, Ohio. Black Diamond Junk Removal is proud of the companies it partners with for recycling and disposal.

Black Diamond Junk Removal is proud to serve the local community and give back to schools. Projects like this are what makes us grateful to be part of the junk removal industry. If you are in need of junk removal services in Cleveland, check us out!

The photo after the desks, chairs, and cabinets were removed from the school.