Rental Property Cleanout

Junk removal for property managers, landlords, and real estate investors

Unfortunately tenants can leave rental properties in a very bad condition. When this happens a service is needed to clean up the space. One option would be a “do-it-yourself” option where the landlord would rent a dumpster and remove all the items from the house and load up the dumpster. Next, the property owner could hire a full-service junk removal company such as Black Diamond Junk Removal. Our crew will go into a property and pick up the items that need to be removed and load them into our truck. Once we are complete loading up the truck we will drive to a local disposal site and dump the unwanted items. We frequently remove old mattresses, old furniture, old appliances, random household goods, tires, and more. If there are large amounts of metal we can take that metal to a local scrap yard and recycle it.

We are a fully insured junk removal company and we are members of the Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Ohio Apartment Association. Black Diamond Junk Removal is proud to offer same-day and next-day service.