A Word of Appreciation for Junk Removal Employees

Junk removal employees

It is that time of the year again. College students return to campus and resume their studies. This summer Black Diamond Junk Removal had the privilege of employing two college students, Michael and Joe. The two young men have strong work ethics and have bright futures ahead of them. Michael is pursuing a political science degree at a college in New York and Joe attends a university located in the State of Ohio where he is studying finance.

Michael leaves his summer role as a junk removal professional with some memorabilia. During a storage unit clear Michael found some cool posters that he plans to put up on the wall of his college housing. Joe received an office chair from a customer who was moving to California from Ohio and no longer wanted the chair. During their time with Black Diamond Junk Removal the young men learned how to provide excellent customer service, how to use power tools, and also learned a bit about the waste and recycling industry. They learned all of this while receiving a great workout! Both Michael and Joe will study diligently this upcoming school year and we hope to welcome them back next summer.