Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Unit

How to choose where to store your stuff

Having to decide which type of storage unit to select can be overwhelming at first. Here is a guide that will help you select the right type of self-storage unit for you.

The two main types of storage units are indoor vs. outdoor storage units. It is important to note that both indoor and outdoor storage units are enclosed and protected from the elements. The differentiation is whether the door to the unit is indoors or whether the door to the unit is outdoors.

The benefits of an outdoor storage unit:

The primary advantage to an outdoor storage unit is that you can pull your vehicle directly up to the entrance of the storage unit. Being able to drive your vehicle directly to you unit is incredibly convenient and will save you time and labor when moving items to and from your storage unit.

The benefits of an indoor storage unit:

A notable advantage to an indoor storage unit is that weather is less of a factor when wanting to access your unit. Sure, you will have to walk into a facility from a parking lot if it is raining, but you will not be impacted by the weather once inside. This is especially nice in Cleveland, Ohio with the cold and snowy winters we experience. Additionally, being indoors offers another layer of protection against insects and rodents getting into the items stored in your storage unit. One downside to indoor storage facilities is that your storage unit may be several floors up. This means that you will need to transport your items up an elevator to reach your storage unit. Upper-level units are sometimes less expensive than ground floor units due to added difficulty in accessing the unit.

When selecting an indoor storage unit or an outdoor storage unit one must still decide what size storage unit to select. It is best to pick a storage unit that is slightly larger than you think you will need. This way as you accumulate more things to place in the unit you will have room to store them.

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