How to Recycle Cardboard in Northeast Ohio

Black Diamond Junk Removal can remove and dispose of cardboard

Cardboard is an excellent material to recycle. Here are some tips to keep your cardboard out of the landfill:

Start by removing all packaging materials from the cardboard. This might mean peeling off packing tape or dumping out packing peanuts. Next, you will want to collapse the cardboard box.

If the cardboard box is stained from food oils such as a pizza box, you will need to cut out the section of the box that is oil-stained. Recyclers will not accept cardboard that is oil-stained.

Then, you will need to find a cardboard recycler. Try google searching “cardboard recycling near me” to find a location to recycle the cardboard.

If you are in the Cleveland or Akron area and have bulk cardboard or a large amount of cardboard you need recycled, Black Diamond Junk Removal can help. We are a professional junk removal company serving Northeast Ohio. Some of the zip codes where we serve customers include 44223, 44313, 44320, 44307, 44278, 44243, 44241, 44236, 44720, 44685, 44709, 44707, 44203, 44133, 44142, 44107, 44114, 44113, 44127, and 44131.