How to Pack Clothing When Moving

Clothes that are packed efficiently will take up less room in a moving truck

If you are moving, chances are you will have a lot of clothes you will need to pack and move. Here are some tips to pack efficiently and make your move as stress-free as possible!

Vacuum compression storage bags: These bags dramatically cut down on the amount of space clothes take up when moving. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from major retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

Wardrobe boxes: Wardrobe boxes are great for moving items that you don’t want compressed in vacuum compression bags. Wardrobe boxes allow items to hang on a metal bar. This helps prevent clothes from getting wrinkled. The downside is that moving clothes this way takes up more space.

Garment bags: Items such as tuxedos and suits should be transported in bags that protect them from the elements and dust. Garment bags are the recommended method for transporting more expensive pieces of clothing.

Garbage bags: If you have clothes that can get tossed into a heap and get wrinkled, than garbage bags are an inexpensive option.

Be sure to separate the clothes you will wear on moving day prior to packing! If you don’t you may have to dig into the packed items to find clothing to wear!

After packing if you have unwanted items or junk you want removed, give Black Diamond Junk Removal a call! We serve customers across Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Summit County, Portage County, Lake County, and Stark County.