How Do I Organize My Garage?

Black Diamond Junk Removal is ready to help with your Cleveland garage clean out

Every now and then it is important to clean up and tidy one’s garage. Over time, junk and items pile up and make a garage less organized. When spring rolls around in Northeast Ohio, it is a perfect time to declutter your garage and get unwanted junk removed. Here are some tips to make cleaning out your garage less overwhelming!

Start with a clear end goal: What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to have a spotless garage? Or are you just trying to make the garage organized enough to fit a car in it again?

Break up the garage cleanout into stages: Splitting a garage organization project into stages will help make the task feel less overwhelming. Also, it will help you avoid burnout and increase the chances that you will complete the project. For example, you could plan to spend one Saturday removing old items and another Saturday organizing the items that remain in the garage after the initial clean out.

Set deadlines for each stage of the garage cleanout: Setting deadlines helps keep the project on track and will make it clear what must be completed and by when. Furthermore, provide an incentive to complete the stages. For example, reward yourself with ice cream when each stage is completed!

Sort the items into five separate piles: Keep, store, sell, donate, and throw away.

Keep: Items you use frequently.

Store: Items that are not frequently used but you want to hold on to. Clear, waterproof, plastic boxes are useful for holding items placed in this pile.

Sell: Items that are in good shape and would be of monetary value to others.

Donate: Items that are in good shape but would be difficult to sell.

Throw away: Items that should head to recycling centers or the landfill.

After you have sorted the items, give Black Diamond Junk Removal a call. We will haul away items to local donation centers, recycling centers, and dispose of the rest. We are proud to serve Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Black Diamond Junk Removal is headquartered in Bedford Heights, Ohio.