How to Get Rid of an Old Couch in Northeast Ohio

The team at Black Diamond Junk Removal specializes in couch removal!

When faced with the decision of how to get rid of an old couch or sofa, individuals have four major options.

Sell the couch: Online sites such as Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or OfferUp are three popular ways to sell old, unwanted furniture. However, if you are going to sell an old couch online, it is best to make sure that the couch is still in good condition. If the couch is not in good condition, buyers may arrive to purchase the couch but back out when they realize the condition is subpar. If your couch is in good enough shape to sell it online, this is the most economical option.

Donate the couch/give it away: If making money off your used couch is not a priority or if the couch is not in great shape, then giving the couch away might be the best option. You can check with local charities, as well as family and friends to find someone who needs a couch. Another option is to place the couch by the curb with a “free” sign. Oftentimes, someone will drive by and pick up the couch.

Dispose of the old couch yourself: Those that have the time and strength to dispose of a couch themselves can take the couch to the landfill. Be sure to use proper technique when lifting the couch, utilize the help of others, and be careful to not mark up the walls when removing the couch from your home. Note that you will need a vehicle big enough to transport the couch and then will have to pay dump fees when you drop the couch off at a landfill.

Hire a local junk removal service: If you are in the Greater Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio we recommend hiring Black Diamond Junk Removal to dispose of unwanted furniture such as a couch. At Black Diamond, we will try out best to donate the couch and keep it out of a landfill. Our team will take care of the heavy lifting and remove the old couch for you. Lastly, Black Diamond Junk Removal is equipped to remove mattresses, TVs, appliances, weight benches, old carpet, playsets, swing sets, playgrounds, and sheds.