How to Dispose of Old Lawn Equipment in Northeast Ohio

Black Diamond Junk Removal can haul away your old lawnmowers

At some point lawn equipment that is used in the warm Northeast Ohio summers will get old and worn out. It is important to dispose of lawn equipment responsibly. With a professional junk removal service such as Black Diamond Junk Removal, Ohio residents are able to dispose of old lawn equipment properly.

Before you dispose of equipment or call a junk removal service, troubleshoot your equipment. Lawn equipment that is used in Solon, Mentor, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Rocky River, Lakewood, and Chagrin Falls is exposed to tough conditions such as rain, mud, and even snow! Oftentimes, old equipment just needs a tune up in order to operate better. Here are some tips to tune up old equipment:

Lawnmowers or tractors:

  • check to make sure the lawnmower has gas
  • check the filters and replace if required
  • change the oil

Leaf blowers:

  • check to make sure the machine is not clogged with leaves.

Weed eater or weed-wacker:

If the weed-wacker is gas, verify that the gas-oil mixture is correct

If the weed-eater is electric, verify that the battery is holding a charge

If these tips don’t help make the equipment run smoother, consider hiring a repair service. However, sometimes it is just cheaper to invest in new equipment rather than get old equipment repaired.

If you decide to dispose or recycle lawn equipment, make sure that the equipment is drained of gas and oil. Black Diamond Junk Removal serves customers in Northeast Ohio and Greater Cleveland. We will recycle, donate, or dispose of items you no longer need.