How to Cut Through Clutter after Kids Move Out

Black Diamond Junk Removal is equipped to handle whole house clean outs

Empty nesters in Cleveland, Akron, Solon, Hudson, and Kirtland often find themselves with extra space that they can convert into new uses such as a home gym, craft room, art studio, home office, yoga studio, or even a man cave! In order to make use of the space, the old items will need to be hauled away. Here is a guide on how to organize and clean up after kids move out.

When cleaning out a house it is helpful to group items into one of three categories: cherish it, require it, and pass it on. Cleaning out a house after kids move out is often an emotional time, and having a clear framework for deciding what to keep and what to part with helps make the process easier.

Cherish it: Items you cherish such as family photo albums, childhood art projects, school yearbooks, old musical instruments.

Require it: Items that serve a purpose. That bike might be old and beat up, but your kid will need a bike to ride when they return to town.

Pass it on: Items that can be donated, recycled, or disposed of.

Black Diamond Junk Removal can help donate, recycle, and dispose of any unwanted items. We have a staff of trained professionals and serve Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding suburbs.