Taking Apart and Getting Rid of an Old Bed in Akron, Ohio

Black Diamond Junk Removal can remove old beds, bed frames, and mattresses

Getting rid of an old bed and frame can be a challenge. Luckily, Black Diamond Junk Removal offers affordable bed frame and mattress removal in Northeast Ohio. If you would rather disassemble and dispose of an old bed yourself, here are some tips. Whether you are in Cuyahoga Falls, Copley, Fairlawn, Barberton, Norton, Portage Lakes, Montrose, Bath, Boston Heights, or Everett, you will find this information helpful.

The first step when getting rid of an old bed is remove the mattress and box spring. Once the mattress and box spring are removed the frame can be disassembled. Tools are generally required when disassembling a frame. Typical tools required will vary depending on the bed frame manufacturer. Taking the frame apart may be time consuming, but makes it easier to fit the bed frame through doors to remove it from your house or apartment. Once you have the bed frame and mattress through the door and outside of the house, you will need to dispose of the items. Some landfills accept mattresses and some don’t. If you call local landfills around Akron and Cleveland, you will find a landfill that accepts mattresses.