Garage Clearout in Cleveland

If you need unwanted items hauled away from your garage, call Black Diamond Junk Removal

Although garages are great for storing items such as lawnmowers, cars, leaf-blowers, they can get cluttered from time to time. When that happens it is time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer want. Part of what our company does is remove the unwanted items that people no longer want. When you hire Black Diamond Junk Removal we will send out a crew of friendly staff members who are prepared to remove your unwanted items.

A recent project we completed was for a property manager in the Jefferson neighborhood (close to the Bellaire-Puritas and Linndale neighborhoods) on the West Side of the City of Cleveland. We removed two old push lawnmowers, old couches, an old ping pong table, pallets, carpet, and general household trash. The garage was much neater and had more space when we were completed with the garage clear out. Garage clean outs are great because you have room to use your garage again.