Garage Cleanout in Maple Heights

Black Diamond Junk Removal offers top-rated junk removal in Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

A real estate investor based in Northeast Ohio recently called Black Diamond Junk Removal and informed us he needed a garage cleared out. The garage contained two old bicycles, two old dressers, old wood and lumber, a football helmet, lawn chairs, and other household items. The items were no longer in good condition and had been left by a previous tenant. Within hours of receiving the call, Black Diamond sent out a junk removal truck to the property to clear out the unwanted items.

When the junk removal truck arrived in Maple Heights, the customer was given an upfront no-obligation price estimate. When the customer agreed to the price, the Black Diamond team began working to load up the unwanted items into our truck. After wrapping up the job in Maple Heights, the Black Diamond Junk Removal truck headed down Broadway Avenue and then drove down Libby Road to wrap up the successful day of junk removal. The metal items that were cleared out of the garage were recycled at a scrap metal recycler and the other items in the truck were disposed of at a licensed facility.