Fence Removal in Cleveland, Ohio

For the local fence removal experts call Black Diamond Junk Removal

Fences are used for privacy, protection, or decoration and vary widely in their design. A chain-link fence may be used to secure an area where a white picket fence may be used for decoration. Over time fences can wear out, rust, rot, and crack. When that happens it may be time to replace the fence.

Before you can replace the fence the old chain-link fence, wooden fence, or vinyl fence needs to be removed. Black Diamond Junk Removal offers fence removal services to customers in Cleveland Akron Canton region of Ohio. Our team can remove the fence posts along with concrete footings. We can remove a wide variety of fence types as well. Our crews are experts in using a farm jack or other equipment to dislodge the fence posts.

After the fence is removed, we will load the old fencing onto our trucks and haul it away for recycling or disposal.