Junk Removal Cost in Cleveland, Ohio

How Pricing Works for Junk Removal in Cleveland

How much does junk removal cost? Most junk removal companies use volume pricing and price based on the amount of space items take up in their trucks or trailers. To determine what the exact cost will be for junk removal in Cleveland the professional junk removal crew will need to assess and view the items you need removed in person. This is because the crew can then get an idea of how small the doorways are that items must be navigated through. Pricing for junk removal companies in Cleveland typically start at around $120 to $160 for most junk removal companies in 2024. Full truckload rates are about $600 to $700. Keep in mind that every company has different truck sizes you may not be comparing the price apples to apples.

Typical volume based price points that Cleveland junk removal companies use is 1/8 of a truck, 1/6 of a truck, 1/4 truck, 1/3 truck, 1/2 truck, 5/8 truck, 3/4 truck, 5/6 of a truck, 7/8 of a truck, and a full truck. The average job size for a junk removal job in Cleveland, Ohio is about $400 to $450. That is the answer to how much junk removal costs.

Factors that can increase the price of junk removal include if the items are in a difficult to access location (the junk removal company may charge an additional labor charge), if the items are excessively heavy (there is an additional weight charge at disposal sites), and if the job location is in a remote region that is a long drive away.

Although junk removal can seem expensive to Northeast Ohio residents, keep in mind the alternative. If you choose to do it yourself and not hire a junk removal company you will need to sweat and load up the items yourself and risk a flat tire in your personal vehicle at the landfill. Also, keep in mind that most junk removal trucks hold more than a personal vehicle can and can carry more items for disposal at one time.

Junk removal is oftentimes less expensive than dumpster rental. Junk removal is different than dumpster rental in that junk removal labor is included. Also, a benefit of junk removal over a dumpster rental is that with junk removal you only pay for how much of the truck you fill up. With a dumpster rental you pay for the entire dumpster regardless of how much of the dumpster you fill up.