Construction Debris Removal in Cleveland, Ohio

Construction Waste Removal in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland

The professional, uniformed Black Diamond Junk Removal crew drove down Woodland Avenue in Cleveland to a home that is being renovated in the Fairfax area of Cleveland. The property is a historic property that is undergoing a complete renovation. The owner of the property hires Black Diamond Junk Removal for their same-day service and competitive pricing. The crew did all the lifting for the customer. It helped that the customer had the pile of construction debris to be removed on their front porch. The shiny junk removal truck could pull onto the front yard in order to load up the wood debris, contractor bags, and other items into our truck. The waste was hauled to a facility owned by Rumpke. The disposal facility is in Newburgh Heights, Ohio off of Harvard Avenue. Black Diamond Junk Removal has the staff needed to handle construction waste removal jobs, debris removal, and yard cleanup jobs with ease. Items removed from the porch included old pipes, wood scraps, contractor bags, old flooring removal, and more.